Fire Prevention Documents

Fire Marshal: Fred St. Ange

Contact: (909) 295-6437

Community Risk Reduction Specialist: Lonnie Shipman

Contact: (909) 295-8711

Statement of Intended Use and Occupancy

Download PDF: Statement of Intended Use

Various processes and situations in commercial and industrial establishments can create fire and life safety hazards. In order to provide a reasonable degree of safety to life and protection of property, specific requirements have been established in the Fire, Building, and Life Safety Codes. To help us assess what particular laws apply to your business, please complete the Statement of Intended Use and Occupancy prior to inspection by the La Verne Fire Department.

Designation of Fire Lanes

Download PDF: Fire Lane Guidelines

Fire Department access and/or fire lanes shall be identified on the approved site plan for new developments or on the approved building plans for tenant improvements or residential projects. The Fire Chief or Fire Marshal may determine the need for additional requirements, or may approve alternate methods of compliance.

Operational Permit Application

Download PDF: Operational Permit Application (rev 2022)

A property/business owner or owner’s authorized agent who intends to conduct an operation or business, or install or modify systems and equipment that are regulated by the California Fire Code, or to cause any such work to be performed, shall first submit the above application to the La Verne Fire Department Fire Prevention Office and obtain the required operational permit. This is to be completed in conjunction with the Statement of Intended Use and Occupancy.

The cost of any one annual permit is $332. If your business has multiple permit-operations, additional permits are $166 each, annually. Any permits unpaid past expiration will have a 50% late fee applied. Checks made payable to “City of La Verne.”