Ambulance Operator (AO) Program

Our AO program is currently full, with another application process expected later this year. Please keep an eye on our social media pages for announcements related to this process. All available positions will be posted to the Government Jobs website for the City of La Verne.

As our process garners many potential applicants, it is imperative that each candidate clearly follow the application directions and submit their packet as soon as the application window opens. As a reminder, the following items MUST be submitted for the application to be considered:

• Résumé (one page maximum)
• Proof of a valid California EMT-1 certificate (required at time of application)
• Copy of current and valid CPR certification (required at time of application)
• Proof of a valid California Driver’s License with valid Ambulance Driver certification (required at time of application)
• Certificate of completion from a certified Fire Academy/Firefighter I certificate (preferred but not required)

The Program

In March 2022, LVFD implemented an internal, Full-Time Ambulance Operator (A/O) Program. LVFD strives to maintain a dedicated group of 12 A/O’s at all times to assist in our EMS mission. A/Os are assigned to one of three shifts, and work a 48/96 schedule on an Ambulance. The program is designed to augment department staffing respective to our EMS call volume and to also offer an opportunity to gain fire service experience for individuals with an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate. These individuals are under the direct supervision of a Fire Captain for all daily duties, emergency medical services (EMS) calls and other duties as assigned. As a full-time, benefitted position, A/Os are expected to work their assigned shifts and participate in the daily routines of their crews. A/Os will also be strongly considered for Firefighter positions within the Fire Department as they become available. The day to day management of the program is the responsibility of Battalion Chief Sam Dominick, Jr. (

For more information on the program and to view the Job Flyer, please click here (Ambulance Operator Job Flyer)

The Process

The hiring process begins with the Application Phase. To apply for an open A/O Position, click on Interested candidates must meet the minimum requirements, at time of appointment, which include a valid and current EMT-1 Certification, CPR card and California driver’s license with Ambulance Driver Certification. Graduation of a State Certified Fire academy is highly desirable.  All application requirements must be meet in order to proceed to the next phase of the hiring process.  For more information on the application process, please review the Job Flyer.

Successful applicants will then be invited to an oral interview to evaluate the candidate’s ability to communicate, interact with fire personnel, and perform in the capacity of an EMT.  The interview will be graded as a Pass/Fail, and only those candidates that receive a passing score will be invited to continue in the process. 

The next step in the hiring process will include a medical exam and background investigation.  During this phase, applicants will be required to participate in DOJ LiveScan fingerprinting, pre-placement medical exam, TB test, drug screening, and verification of information by a professional background investigator. 

Candidates who complete the process will be offered a position with the La Verne Fire Department as an Ambulance Operator and will then attend the short A/O Academy.  Once the Academy is successfully completed, new A/Os will be assigned to their respective shifts and begin their new position. 

The Responsibilities

A/Os are valuable members of each shift. They provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to the sick and injured, while also assisting department Firefighter/Paramedics on more critical emergency medical calls.  AO’s will drive fire department Ambulances and will be responsible for the restocking and operation of their equipment, as well as providing proper medical and billing documentation.  As members of our organization, AO’s must remember that they not only represent our department, but our citizens, the City, and the fire service in general.  The ability to follow our Standard Operating Procedures and internal Code of Conduct is a must. During calls for service, the AO is a trusted member of the team, providing crucial assistance as needed and directed.  For further information on the responsibilities, please review the Job Flyer.

The Opportunities

A/Os may be asked to participate in other Department events as their schedule permits. This allows the A/O opportunities to get involved in Department and City sponsored public education and charity events and other varying service projects. Interested A/Os are encouraged to attend a certified Paramedic School and an accredited Fire Academy if they desire to. As openings become available in participating Paramedic schools and fire academies, qualified A/Os may be selected to attend and would be sponsored by the Fire Department. If the need arises, the City may provide an interest free loan to the A/O for Paramedic school related costs. The promissory note is paid back after Paramedic School is completed. Barring calls for service, A/Os will also be given ample time in the evenings to study for ongoing career and educational goals. When an A/O gets to the interview stage of the testing process, mock oral interviews are also offered to assist as an additional method of preparation. The La Verne Fire Department is committed to guiding and mentoring those who utilize our A/O program as a further step in the goal of becoming a full-time career Firefighter.