City of La Verne CERT Program

Community Emergency Response Team

“Doing the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People”
Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

During a major disaster, professional first responders may be overwhelmed or delayed. CERT teaches residents how to safely care for themselves, their families, and their neighbors until help arrives.

Training is FREE for anyone 18 years and older, and everyone can participate.

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What is CERT?

FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program trains residents to prepare and safely respond to the disasters they may face in their communities. The CERT training course includes hands-n exercises to learn the skills needed to safely take care of themselves and others in their home, workplace, neighborhood and community.

After a large disaster, La Verne’s emergency resources will likely be overwhelmed and delayed.  CERT-trained volunteers may be the only available assistance for the first 72 hours to help others and give critical support to first responders when they arrive.

Graduates can use the training for their own personal preparedness, or choose to join the team.  (Team membership is encouraged but NOT required.) Team members also help with non-emergency projects and events in their community.

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Course Overview

CERT training is an 8-week course taught by FEMA-certified and La Verne Fire Department instructors 

  • Disaster Preparedness:  Personally prepare at home and work and reduce risks for any disaster.
  • Fire Suppression and Utility Controls: Extinguish a small fire turn off utilities when safe. 
  • Medical Triage and Assessment: Prioritize victims and provide basic medical treatment.
  • Light Search & Rescue: Safely conduct a search and rescue of victims.
  • CERT Organization:  Organize volunteers using the Incident Command System (ICS).
  • Disaster Psychology:  Help address disaster-related psychological needs.
  • Terrorism Response:  Recognize signs and how to respond.

The volunteer’s personal safety and well-being is always the #1 priority.


What happens after successful completion of the CERT Basic Training?

  • You can use the training for your own personal preparedness, or choose to join the team. Team members can be activated for response after a disaster or other emergency situations, or called upon to support community events. All graduates may attend refresher exercises.

What is provided to those who complete the course?

  • Upon successful completion, all graduates receive a certificate of Basic CERT Training and a CERT response bag containing essential gear.  Team members also receive a photo ID card.

How Do I Sign Up for Training?

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