Pool Safety

Supervision is the Key to Prevent Drowning!

The most important water safety measure is adult supervision of young children around water at all times.

It is important to remember that your children may not fear. They may walk into a pool out of curiosity or in an attempt to reach an object. Drowning occurs quickly and silently. Please don’t let this happen to you.

  • Never leave children alone around water! When children go under water, they cannot call for help.
  • Don’t be distracted by phone calls, doorbells or chores while children are in the pool area. Be alert! No napping!
  • Don’t rely on swimming lessons or “floaties.”
  • Don’t prop gates open. Check latches regularly.
  • Lock passageways, even pet doors leading to pool.
  • Take a CPR class.
  • Keep life-saving equipment mounted near the pool.
  • Designate a water watcher for supervision of children around the pool.
  • Keep your back to pool wall when in the water so children are seen at all times.
  • Alert your babysitter, grandparents and friends to safety rules and be sure that they know CPR.

If an Accident Happens, Act Immediately!

  • Yell for help. Carefully lift your child out of the pool.
  • Start CPR if you are trained, and have someone call 911.

Pool Safety Checklist

Drowning is preventable. Use this checklist at your home. Remember, each “No” checked is a possible drowning risk. Be sure to correct immediately.


  • Fence enclosures pool, separates pool from house on all four sides. Y/N
  • Fence is at least 5 feet high. Y/N
  • Fence with vertical (up and down) bars, less than 4 inches apart. Y/N
  • Gate self-closing, self-latching. Y/N
  • Gate latch 4 feet above ground, out of child’s reach. Y/N


  • Ladders or steps at each end of pool. Y/N
  • Water 3 to 4 inches from top of pool to make climbing out easier. Y/N
  • Depth of pool marked on pool deck or walls. Y/N
  • Diving board only when water is at least 8 feet deep. Y/N

Furniture and Supplies

  • Tables, chairs, and other things a child can climb on are away from fence. Y/N
  • Toys away from pool area. Y/N
  • Rescue equipment near pool (safety ring, long pole). Y/N
  • Phone near the pool area and 911 numbers posted. Y/N
  • Chemicals and equipment are locked up. Y/N
  • Windows and doors leading to pool locked, including pet doors. Y/N
  • Trees, bushes or things that might block the view of pool removed. Y/N