Horses in an Emergency

10 Things You Can Do NOW To Prepare Your Horses for an Emergency Event

1. Plan now for emergency sheltering for your horses.
Many designated sheltering sites may become overcrowded. Make plans now to house your horses with friends, at a commercial stable or other suitable sites out of the danger area. Discuss your plans with everyone in your family and keep the address and driving directions in your emergency kit.

2. Become involved with (or start) a neighborhood network.
During a disaster we will all need to help each other. Neighbors can work together to help the horse owners on their street who do not have a horse trailer.

3. Make a list of emergency contacts.
Keep copies in your car or trailer as well as in your house.

4. Take photographs and prepare a written description of each horse.
Put one set in a safe place and another set in your emergency kit.

5. Have a halter and rope for each horse.
Make sure halters are marked/engraved with your contact information or you can write the information on a piece of duct tape and stick it on the halter. If your horse has medical issues or special needs, record this information on a luggage tag and attach it to the halter.

6. Microchip your horses.
This is an easy, inexpensive way to help identify all of your animals.

7. Have a 3-day supply of feed and water (per horse).
This is particularly important if you plan to shelter in place, but you should also bring feed (and buckets) if you evacuate. Make sure to include any medications your horse may need. Label all of your equipment.

8. Teach your horses how to trailer.
Spend time loading and unloading your horses so they are safe and willing to load.

9. Keep trucks, trailers and vans well-maintained and ready to move.
Keep your gas tank full, particularly during Red Flag Warning days. Continue working with your horses until you are confident they will load.

10. Make a Disaster Preparedness Kit.
Store non-perishable supplies in a portable container such as a clean trash can, bucket or canvas duffle bag.