History, Allergies, Medications (HAM)

The HAM program is designed to assist first responders by providing vital information that may be needed in case of a medical emergency. HAM is a spin-off of the Vial for Life program that has been around for many years. The vial for life contains your personal medical information, and is stored in your refrigerator. First responders are trained to look there if a patient is unable to give information regarding their medical history.

The La Verne Fire Department has adopted a similar program with our own added touch. We named our program HAM. This is an acronym for History, Allergies and Medications. We provide you with a wallet-sized card that contains information that is helpful to us in the event you are unable to speak or are unconscious. Information on the card contains the following: Name, Emergency Contacts, Doctor, Medical History, Allergies to Medications, Prescribed Medications and a small section for any other pertinent information. The standard of care given at an emergency (911 calls) does not vary if a HAM card is not available or the patient does not have one.

Participants can fill out the HAM form and then turn it in to the Fire Department. We will put the information onto a plastic card the size of a driver’s license. The information sheet and the card will be returned to you along with a magnetic pouch to hold the form on your refrigerator. The card can go with you wherever you go so your information is ready to show if needed. The pouch should be placed on the refrigerator so we know where to look for it if necessary. There is no cost to La Verne residents. The form is available for download or you may pick one up at Fire Station #1, Monday thru Thursday, between 8am and 5pm. The turn-around time for cards is approximately 3 weeks. Cards and forms can be updated at no cost if necessary.